Little help how to be prepared when accept a kitten from our cattery!

It is good to know how to be prepered when accept a kitten from our cattery!

I wrote this article for our clients from all over the world who accept a kitten from our cattery with the aim to help them being prepered for the kitten’s arrival.

It is written mostly for pet owners not for breeders with knowledge and experience in their background, but some info can be useful of them as well. 

When kitten leaves our cattery, everything changes what they know, all of their life change forever. It is very important that we should help them as much as possible to accept their completely new life.

I would like to split the topic into two big parts. First the kittens vegetative needs, and kittens mental needs.

Start with the first point, the kittens’ vegetative needs:

We always prepare kittens body as strong as possible for the new home. So we give them Vetry Dmg vitamins for one week before they leave and strongly recommend new owners to continue this for at least one more week. We give 0,25 ml/day until they reach 2-3 kg. After that 0,5ml/day.

We also use Florentero probiotics to avoid any stomach problem, what travelling and new home can cause. We give once a day for prevention and 3/day if the kitten has any problem. We start to give them 2-3 days before the travel and recommened at least more 3 days when they arrive.

So please buy these things, or if it is not available in your country, buy something similar before kitten arrives!

We suggest  to give vitamin ( if possible Vetry Dmg) for 1-2 weeks/ 3 months. I strongly advice to use vitamin at the time of neutering, and vaccinating.

That vitamin can overdose so you can not give more than one month without break!

Be careful with combinate vaccination, some has strong side effects.

I just know vaccines in my country, and they are different so you should inquire your vet about it, don’t let them just give the kitten something.

We also regularly use anti hairball pasta.



We use Royal Canin Mother and Babycat dry food, sometimes Josera Kitten dry food.

Please buy Mother and Babycat food, or Royal kitten food for your kitten.

To change food at once can cause health problems, which easily avoidable.

Use this food at least 1-2 months and just after start to change the dry food if you would like to change. To change dry food takes one month! You can just give day by day a bit more from new food to Royal, step by step you can do without causing problems.

Dry food is allways in front of them. Cats normaly  eats 15-18 times a day!

Please avoid to give them cheap food!

All body,  texture of hair, condition, immune system can develop well with premium quality food and vitamins.

Kittens are developing until 3 years of age!

We also give 2-3 times a day vet food.

All premium quality vet food can bee good, Royal as well. We give them boiled chicken brest, and boiled Alaskan cod fillets.

Never ever give them human food, or milk!

It is also important they can freely use fresh water, and cats’ toilet.

Don’t take these things close to noisy machines or where something disturbes the kitten/cat.

To turn to secound point, the mental health and needs of a kitten/cat.

The most important energy for them is love! Without it there is nothing!

The kitten who gets, the best quality foods, vitamins, toys, cat furniture…. but not get love and care can not be happy and healthy!

Our kittens definitely not!

In our home they just experienced intensive love and care and fun. Their soul is pure, and they would like to share it with you. 

So please give love to them and accept love from them.

They need to be where family are. Do not close them a well built cat room, they can’t be happy there!

Play with them, pet them. Let them run all over the home, and let them sleep close to you.

All kitten and cat need calm safe place to sleep!

Talk to them, they will answer.

Be nice to them and they will be your best friend ever… 

Some toys can be dangarous, if you let them in front of the kitten without attention!

Toys with feather on them, and toys with rope on them. They can eat coloured feather, and rope can stuck around their body!

Harmless toys, they can safely play with them alone.

Birmans don’t like being alone and loneley for long time.

If family isn’t at home regularly more then 7-8 hours, It is better to choose another Birman kitten, or other  breed and keep 2 of them, or they can be very happy with a dog friend…

cat love 

But It can not replace human love and care!

I hope I could help a bit, what to expect, how to be prepared. 

If you are not our client yet, just somehow find that article, please think it over what you can offer to the kitten, not just count on what kitten can give to you, before contacting us.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, just feel free contact  me.