When someone tries to blackmail you

Unfortunately, we were attacked by a blackmailer, a criminal. She works hard and very efficiently to destroy our reputation, as  she frightened us earlier if we don’t pay her regularly. Discrediting comments, website about us (falsly impersonating us), pages. Police is chasing her by now… but I still feel now we have to write down the story from our side:

We sold 2 breeding kittens to Yana….. (I believe this is not her real name) in January, who wanted to start to breed Birmans. Shortly after she recieved completely healthy kittens – without any reason – she started accusing us, in every possible way. WCF, that is a corrupt association, and that their titles meaningless, MMME, that give false pedigrees. Vet vaccination is not good, vet check is not correct, official vet corruption, with such a force we couldn’t understand. Half of her accusations simply things which are not exist in real life at all! At that time we thought she has a bipolar personality, and must have stopped taking her medicines… because sane person can’t act like this.

That were kittens condition before she takes care of them:

Rocco and Olivia

Sábacat Rocco and Olivia birman cats before they leave

We like satisfied clients, and the well-being of the kittens are important to us. So we offered her to pay back the whole purchase price and get back our kittens immediately, just after a week she recived them. We only asked one condition: If she refuses this offer she can’t have any claim towards us in the future. She accepted it, and refused to return our kittens back. She also refused to  listen to any of our advice how to keep kittens. Everything is in written, so – in case needed – we can prove it.

In May she sent us a bad news that one of the kittens died in FIP. Although she didn’t send us vet documents we belived her. We also believed how deeply she feels sorry for the kitten. We’ve made some inquires because, – thanks God – we have never had such a case. We talked to specialist vet scientist, we learned no way it is possible to find and figure out, who is responsable for this disease. Even though how she behaved to us earlier we granted her wish, to give her one more breeding, show kitten from the bloodline  she wanted so much fro Azzurro. We didn’t want to continue arguing with her. She send us documents about the other kitten is well, how strong her immune system is, she is not a harm for the new kitten…

We felt maybe she wants to blackmail us, after reciving 3rd kitten. So In that contract we wrote (and she accepted) our condition, to solve problems privately. If she brakes that agreement she has to pay back the total price of the third cat. She was more than happy… (all details are in the signed contract)

Sábacat Vazu: whom she got for free.

As soon as she recived 3rd kitten she started to send us mails showing how ill the 2. kitten is, which was so healthy before she recived 3. kitten!!! She sent 4 different diagnoses in less than 1 month. Of course accusing us for these illnesses as well. She started blackmailing us to destroy our reputation, everything what we’ve built during years. Actually we didn’t refuse her claim, just asked vet documents to get a proof that the kitten has genetic problems, what she refused to send! She wants the 4th kitten!!! Or full payment back. As to give her one more live animal it was completely out of question! It is not by chance that from 2 kittens, (as for her) one is dead one is seriously ill. Our biggest error was to satisfy her with one more kitten, instead of give her money back. But that time we didn’t know the truth about her mental illness. We believed that she loves kittens.

Vazul condition, when he arrived to her:

We asked psychologist help to figure her mental state from the letters and acts. The diagnosis was clear: she is a psychopath. After that we understood everything. All of her letters, accusations, happyness… Even for a normal blackmailer we can’t pay because she never will stop. But for her??? She does not care about money, or cats. The psychopath doesn’t have feelings, or personality. They just find a body, like a virus whom they want to destroy. Their only motivation in life is, to destroy! Now it is clear we are not his first or last victim. In her case the nightmare easily can turn into reality. I am sure Olivia would have been safe and sound in our home. Maybe they can’t live in a home without love and care, or what even worse she make them ill just to satisfy her needs. But I do not know these things.

I am deeply sorry about our kittens, our lovely kittens who just recived care and passionate love from us, and now can’t survive the „care” of the owners. It is very depressing what is happening to us. Stangely I feel sorry to her as well. Her illness is uncureable, she is very intelligent young woman, it is a pitty she is not able to create something new and good, just works to destroy what others already created.

So that is our story, now you should decide whom to belive. I am sure years behind us, and in front of us will confirm. But until that if you are uncertain you can visit our fb:birman.hu where we publish the photos what we get from Sábacat’s owners nearly every day.

Here are 2 videos. How our kittens condition were before leave our home, and the day when they arrived to her.



End of story.